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Speakers Bureau

Schedule a Speaking Engagement, Workshop, Seminar or Training Session Today!

Get Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership, Relationship, Communication, Personal and Professional Development Sessions, Keynotes, Training, Workshops and more for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Each member is considered a leader and trusted expert in his/her diverse arena. Uniquely, life and professional experience has highly qualified our Speakers to deliver powerful, informative, entertaining and interactive sessions throughout the world.

Programs & Presentations Include:


Carol Daniel

Author, Co-Host Great Day St. Louis-KMOV & KMOX News Anchor

all i ever wanted – Work Life Balance
Be inspired and encouraged by Carol’s humorous tales about one husband, two boys, two jobs and sleep deprivation. 

Keynotes, Workshops & Book Events with Carol Daniel, Co-Host Great Day St. Louis-KMOV & KMOX News Anchor. Based on her 2013 Release, “all I ever wanted, relationships, marriage, family.”


Steven Charles Martin & Jo Lena Johnson "IceWater"

Award Winning Authors & Relationship Strategists
Relationships and Adult Conversations with IceWater
Get to your heart and maybe someone else’s with interactive and lively communication solutions from the male & female perspective.

Keynotes, Workshops, Weekend Retreats, Singles & Couples Events. Award-Winning Authors, Communication & Relationship Strategists Steven Charles Martin & Jo Lena Johnson Program & Sessions based on their book “Strategic Planning for Love & War” written with Kevin Fleming. “Relationships and Adult Conversations” Internet TV Show coming in 2013.

Steven Charles Martin ( Chief, Ret. U.S. Navy )

Author, Career Counselor & Relationship Strategist

Walk Straight - Leadership + Guidance = Accomplishment
Providing the finer principles, attitudes and actions youth, and especially young men, need to be successful.

Youth Development & Leadership Programs and Presentations based on 2013 Release “Walk Straight” by Steven Charles Martin, (Ret. Chief, US Navy) Keynote, Training Session or Weekend Retreat, with the help of other Male Mentors; completely packaged. You provide the audience we provide the context.

Jo Lena Johnson

International Trainer & Speaker
Communication & Relationship Strategist

Extraordinary Living - 7 Ways to Show Your Brilliance
Rise to greatness with positive thinking, sensitivity and good habits
in every area of life. 
Confidence, Self-Awareness & Inspirational Message for Sales Teams, Women’s Groups, Youth Organizations, Churches and anyone wanting to bring the best out of people. Based on “A Light is Born!” by Jo Lena Johnson, (Intl. Trainer & Speaker). Customized to fit audience.

If not now, when? In a 45-minute presentation/Keynote, a 1.5 to 3-hour workshop or a weekend retreat, hire a one of our Absolute Good Speakers for your group, organization or company. Corporate/Professional Development & Training Offerings are also available on our sister site:

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