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Providing Essential Leadership, Communication & Relationship Building Skills for Today’s World. Communication is the Key!

Interested in:
• Writing a book?
• Reading Absolute Good Books?
• Books for Kids & Adults?
• Programs for Youth & Adults?
• Motivational/Public Speaking?
• Seminars, Workshops or Keynotes?

You’ve come to the right place!

Professional or Personal Development
• Need help with Strategic Planning?
• Figuring out your major or next career move?
• Being a Better Communicator?
• Having Better Relationships?
• Starting, Maintaining or Organizing your Small Business?
• Creating your Bio, Resume or Business Branding Statement, Purpose or Mission?
• Figuring out if your current situation could be improved at work, at home or in your relationships?

Looking for Professional or Personal Development for your Organization or Company?
• Get customized training programs and solutions to fit your needs

Let Jo Lena Johnson help you with these things and more! Get from where you are to where you want to be!

About Jo Lena Johnson, Publisher Mission Possible Press

Jo Lena Johnson is a speaker, author, trainer and managing partner of Absolute Good, a training and management company that focuses on enhancing communication, teambuilding and improving overall life skills. Mission Possible Press, a division of Absolute Good Enterprises, is a publishing company that specializes in producing good works that give people the tools resources, information, support and wisdom they need to make good decisions. For more information on Absolute Good, Mission Possible Press and its authors or to schedule leadership seminars, book signings or community events, call 240.644.2500, e-mail or visit

For corporate training/additional services, please visit:

Author & Content Development, Book Writing & Consulting Services

Start with a solid foundation! If you have been struggling to write your book, we can help you craft your words, message and legacy through book writing consulting services. These services are offered separately or inclusively of publishing services.

Schedule a consultation today! Email We’ll discuss content, your ideas, scheduling and get started! Or call 240.644.2500 Now!

Contact us today for book orders, release dates, bookings, appearances and media inquiries or call 240.644.2500.

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