Mitch Margo

Mitch Margo

Mitch Margo, A former reporter for The Detroit News and Los Angeles Herald Examiner and a syndicated columnist for 14 years, Mitch Margo is a native New Yorker and St. Louis trial lawyer. He’s witnessed the clash of cultures which are woven into his first novel, Black Hearts White Minds.  Much of the story is drawn from his personal experiences, interviews, and hundreds of hours of research. He credits his eclectic law practice for a new storyline every few days.
One of Mitch’s defining moments came when a Herald Examiner editor assigned him to drive to San Fernando Valley so the paper could be the first to report a brushfire, should one start. Aware that San Fernando Valley spans 260 square miles, he interpreted the request as one to start a brushfire, so he drove to the Lakers game instead and applied to law school the next morning.
As general counsel to the Missouri Valley Conference, and a former youth coach, Mitch has an insider’s view of basketball that enables him to write about it authentically. He’s also a member of the Washington University Sports Hall of Fame, at one time holding the school record in just about every baseball statistic. He’s proud of his days as a student/athlete, but hasn’t lost sight of the fact that you can’t get too much farther from Cooperstown and still be in a hall of fame.

Mitch Margo would love to speak for your organization!

Mitch is an experienced speaker with a core message, an engaging manner, and a warm presence. Having written from the heart a book that shows the triumph of youth and sports over racial tensions and legal obstacles, Mitch is eager to share his message about “Where do we go from here, and how do we get there.”

Schools and Sports Organizations:

– Team Building

– How self-esteem can come alive in the context of sports

Churches, Synagogues, and Community Organizations:

– Race Relations and what it means to be American

– Is the “Melting Pot” still a relevant concept?

– How can we move to higher ground and regain civility and mutual respect?

Legal Organizations:

– Sports Law

– Trust and Estate Litigation

– Disputes of many kind

Mitch’s Book:

Black Hearts White Minds – Launching January 2018

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