Martha Ramsey

Some days it seems life is too hard, adults are too rude, and young people don’t listen. At 82, Author Mrs. Martha Ramsey says anyone can make it through. She shares her heart, stories and wisdom. Positivity, respecting each other, staying together through tough times, along with teaching and protecting children, takes work and Cherishing Family Values.

Mrs. Ramsey started writing her stories over 30 years ago. As a wife, working mother and grandmother, and eldest sister of eight, it was hard for her to juggle life and complete her book. As a widow, grandmother of 125, and having survived the loss of six siblings and several of her children, Martha knows what it takes to make it and remain loving and kind through it all.

Short in pages while deep in scope, this journey from horse & buggy to the realities of suburban living in today’s world will ignite even the dimmest spark and encourage readers through any trial and tribulation.

About the Author

Mrs. Martha Ramsey was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi on April 27, 1930 and migrated to St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Wilmer Ramsey, and their children in the 1960’s. Mrs. Ramsey says, “I’ve had a good life and my husband and I were able to work on our same jobs to retirement, which allowed us to raise our children with steady employment. I like the simple things in life. I love nature and loved being a wife and mother, this was my life and I have no regrets. I want to share my story with you because I want you to be strong and have courage.”


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