Love and War – Strategic planning for successful relationships

Offering customized presentations from and for the male and female perspective, as “IceWater,” which symbolizes the differences and similarities between men and women. Genuinely and openly they share relationship issues, scenarios and strategies in a relatable and conversational style, which makes it easier to hear hard truth. This is insightful and valuable for real people and for real relationships issues. Everyone Deserves Relationships Worth Having!

Each session deals with real life Relationships and Adult Conversations – Addressing conflict, solving problems and creating healthy relationships by getting to the heart of why people struggle, why men and women see love and relationships differently, and what to do about it!

Each Relationships and Adult Conversations session is unique, interactive, engaging and extremely helpful; participants get the help needed to deal with how to have “tough” conversations, how to deal with “sensitive” issues on a personal basis and relationship issues in objective, helpful and forward-moving ways. Results include reduced stress, better listening and communication, understanding and harmony, peace of mind, positivity, productivity and overall better health. All presentations are highly interactive so, instead of allotting for Q&A, we incorporate it throughout.

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