7 Keys to Writing and Publishing

This informational video series will get you prepared to successfully write and publish your book. Understand the realities of traditional publishing or self-publishing. Watching these videos will help you decide. Get these valuable tips, tools and practical steps for completing your project while avoiding the publishing pitfalls.

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The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, Jo Lena Johnson, Publisher of Mission Possible Press is here to offer knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve your aspirations at home, at work and in life. As an international trainer, she teaches leadership and communication skills to people around the world; as a writer, she shares her heart and practical steps to overcoming obstacles and to becoming your best; and as a ghostwriter, writing coach, and publisher, she helps people tell their stories and complete their books, and bring them to market. To date she has authored six books and has published almost 35. Learn what to do and what to avoid as she shares valuable and practical information with you.

Tony Scott made his name in radio by working in the St. Louis market where he spent the 27 years hosting a morning show and afternoon drive show for urban and hip hop stations and now is the afternoon drive host for 105.1 FM in Dallas. In addition to the St. Louis market, Tony has worked in Detroit, San Francisco, and Houston. Tony is a native of Texas, born and raised in Galveston. Tony has received countless honors and awards for his service on and off the air for his work in the community. He’s a strong advocate and supporter of mental health care and constantly works to end the fear that many people have of getting help.

What to Do When You Think You Are Finished Writing in 5 Steps

– Get help! Ask a professional and pay for their feedback

– Get help! Ask friends who are readers to give feedback on a chapter

– Listen to the feedback, only ask someone who will tell you the truth

– Go back and see if you can incorporate the suggestions

– Do not get discouraged! This is your story to tell!!!

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