About Mission Possible Press


Established in 2010, Mission Possible Press is the publishing arm of Absolute Good Enterprises. Mission Possible Press is a publishing company which specializes in producing good works, giving tools, resources, support and wisdom.

Publishing books is simply another expression of communicating the urgent need which each of us have – support!  Be it more time, more money, better health, peace of mind, better communication, more confidence, honesty, forgiveness, self-esteem, real connections, career or business advice, coaching or guidance, intervention or simply a smiling face.”

Jo Lena Johnson, Publisher

We Can Help You Write Your Book

If you have been struggling to write your book, we can help you craft your words, message and legacy. With over 30 Absolute Good Books published to date, we’re dedicated to helping writers get their books written and published – Professionally and Successfully.

What we do:

 – Author Platform Development

 – Book Publishing Services

 – Self-Publishing Services/Book Shepherding

 – Manuscript review/Developmental Editing

 – Emotional, Mental/Professional/Personal Support

 – Ghostwriting and Author Coaching